Blue Crystal Gemstone Earrings and Necklace Set


Take a look at one of our store’s best products — the incredible BLUE Crystal Heart Necklace and Earrings Set — an item quickly being added to customers’ shopping carts.

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  • Feature: Love heart shape, round shape
  • Material: Simulated pearl, crystal, rhinestone
  • Size: See picture in details
  • Gender: Lovers’,women,girls

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Blue Crystal Gemstone Earrings and Necklace Set


Can you give the guarantees that your products meet all the manufacturing standards and requirements?
We want to treat our customers with the offers of the highest quality, and the same goes for our Earrings Art Necklace. Therefore, we pay close attention to our manufacturers’ record.

We are proud to treat our buyers with the items of the highest quality, and same goes for the Earrings Art Necklace! Meanwhile, we always try to offer goods at the lowest prices possible for a particular group of products.

Does the price include taxes?
If an item is taxed in your location, all the necessary taxes will be included in the final price. So, you’ll be able to see it on the checkout page.

Not sure this is affordable.
$24.00 isn’t as high as other online stores charge for similar products. However, it’s up to you to decide.

Which benefits of this product did the previous buyers mention most often?
According to the feedback of our previous customers, this product has turned out to be an exceptionally great buy because it has lots of advantages which you can see in the “Feedback” section.

I’m not sure if I really want this? Should I buy?
We are sure you’ll be happy with the purchase because the buyers of this product speak highly of their purchases!


Can I buy several different products in one order?
Nothing can stop you from having as many products as you wish in one order! So it’s totally Ok to order more than one.

I want to buy more than one unit of this item. But will they arrive all together?
You have no reason to worry because all the packages will arrive at the same time.

Is the estimated delivery time true to life?
We perform an in-depth research to evaluate the time of your Earrings Art Necklace delivery as accurately as possible. Yet, some factors we’re unable to predict might influence the actual shipping time slightly.

Can I place my order now?
The product is available. Please, feel free to place your order because we’re looking forward to working with you!

There are tons of other online stores. Why should I buy from you?
We offer a wide range of items, highly detailed product information and illustrative media files. In addition, all our products are made of high-quality and safe materials, and we try to keep our prices as low as we can.

Ok, I really like the Blue Crystal Gemstone Necklace And Earrings Set, but can you prove your shop is real?
Our store has a reputation of a reliable supplier. Therefore, if you check the feedback of our previous customers, you will see that plenty of actual clients were already served by us.

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